Risk Management and Analytics for Lenders

On-demand and real time risk, compliance and performance reports for banks and financial institutions at any scale.

Risk Management

Identifying and quantifying of risks is central to ensuring the safety of capital and meeting regulatory requirements.

aarthiq enables risk managers to obtain reports and model risks at desired level of granularity across their credit portfolio helping them make decisions and policies to protect the organisation from multitude of risks they are exposed to.

Credit Analysis

One-click reports that answer critical questions regarding your credit portfolio's health and performance.

Retrieve metrics on portfolio valuation, haircuts, default rates, customer cohorts among others to drive business decisions.

P&L Optimization

Segregate under performing segments and loan profiles from the higher performing ones to maximise the Return on Capital Employed (RoCE). Detect bad loans and outliers early in order to limit their impact.

Get an unified view into the most critical aspects of your exposures with automated escalation and alerting systems ensuring that right people are in knowledge of the things that have a higher likelihood of impacting your P&L.

Enterprise Ready

Cloud Delivery

aarthiq is a cloud service. It means, your people can simply signup and login without having to wait for setup and deployments. Top CXOs favour cloud because of better up-time, automatic updates, improved time to market, better scalability and zero capital expenditure.

Data Warehouse

Increasing complexity of data and relations it projects require specialised knowledge in order to structure, store, retrieve and query them effectively. aarthiq's integrated data-warehouse makes not just storing data convenient, it also enables flexible querying and alerting systems enabling organisations to derive higher ROIs from their data assets.


aarthiq enables organisations to choose appropriate model of security suitable for them. All requests are served via TLS 1.2 encrypted connection. Also supported is AES-256 bit encryption for stored data and files along with a fine grained access control mechanism for your users.

Automation Ready

aarthiq is designed for automation. Use its APIs to interconnect systems and chain processes to auto-execute in response to external events and release your valuable human resource to focus on value oriented tasks.